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Why Sell Your Car to justcar?

justcar will appraise your vehicle, make you an offer for purchase, or provide you with the best trade-in value toward your new vehicle.

No Obligation

You can take or leave our offer with no obligation to accept or purchase a used car from us.

Great Trade-in Value

We offer the very best trade-in value for your vehicle.

Easy & Fast

Our appraisals are fast, efficient, with a written offer handed to you within the hour.

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Why Do We Need to See Your Car?

1. Understanding the Appraisal Process

In order to properly appraise your vehicle, we need to see it. Our experienced acquisition coordinators will look over your car and determine the sale price. Here’s what we look for when appraising your vehicle:

Overall Condition

An examination of the cosmetic ‘look’ of the car from any dings and scratches to wear in the interior.

The Driving Experience

A test drive to determine the overall functionality of the car including steering, transmission, brakes, etc.

Bells and Whistles (features)

A/C? Heated seats? Fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view? What makes your car unique?


A snapshot of your car’s history including any accident reports and/or service history documents.

2. After the Appraisal

We’ll complete your appraisal and hand you a written offer within the hour. Our written offers are good for seven days so you have plenty of freedom to consider your options and make the best decision to suit your needs.