I Love My Car

Little did our justcar team know, when Lezley Wright bought her car from us in February, she was battling ovarian cancer.

Wright lives in Vernon and she was in desperate need of a new, reliable car to get to and from cancer treatments in the Lower Mainland. At the time, she was told she only had six to nine months to live.

"I was really sick, but I never mentioned it to the staff at justcar. They didn’t know I was unwell, but their amazing service helped me in ways that they didn’t even know. They took away any stress from the whole process of buying a new car," says Wright.

Lezley had done her research in advance and knew what car she wanted: a pre-owned 2015 Mercedes Benz B Class. She test drove a vehicle of the same make, model and year at a dealership in Kelowna that was asking $25,900 for the car. A quick online comparison search lead her to justcar where the same vehicle was offered at $17,900. By working closely with our justcar team, Lezley ended up with a different Mercedes Benz B Class than the one that first caught her attention. For $17,000 she got a white "loaded" Mercedes Benz B Class plus winter tires for the car at just $100 per tire. 

We drove the car to her in Langley so we could make the transaction simple.

"I was amazed at the level of service justcar gave me. The whole process was so streamlined and so easy. The joy this car has brought me has helped with my treatments and my recovery. I absolutely love my car!" says Lezley, who finished her treatment and is living well. 

"The bumper to bumper warranty provides tremendous peace of mind. Guy and the rest of the justcar team were fabulous. I have told so many people about justcar. I can’t thank you enough," beams Lezley. 

Stories like Lezley's is what drives our team to help our customers enjoy a simple and fair car-buying experience. We are thrilled to share in Lezley’s joy!