Get fair appraisal on your trade-in before heading to Tesla

Looking to trade-in your car for a Tesla Model 3 and unsure with the trade-in value  offered? You’re not alone. We are here to help.

Whether you are a car shopper who knows the value of your current car, or you haven’t a clue about your vehicle’s trade-in value, we give you an independent quote and guaranteed appraisal so you have the tools to maximize your assets value.

Buying a car is a big decision. Knowing the accurate appraised value of your trade-in vehicle in your market is key to putting you in the driver seat. It gives you the information to car shop with confidence and know you are getting full value.

Carpraze, our unique online vehicle appraisal tool, uses cloud-based technology to create automated vehicle quotes based on your vehicle’s rating and valuation, and it comes with an appraisal guarantee. Coupled with our online vehicle research tools and knowledgable staff, we deliver a better customer experience every time.

Car shopping isn’t the time for second guessing. Let our team give you the information to take the guesswork and deal making out of the equation.

Contact us at our online headquarters or visit our auto experience and delivery centre at 3680 East 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.